Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Float Trip Details: 2009

DATE: May 27, 2009

Normal launch site is the Craig Fishing Access site on the Missouri river in the town of Craig.
There are restroom facilities at the launch, take out, and lunch locations.

After the kids get unloaded and use the restrooms, we get everyone fit for life jackets. We’ll do a short orientation and safety talk, then get launched. Lunches remain on the bus.
The first leg of the float is about 40 minutes, with one stop at some islands to talk about the river, fish, and wildlife.
We continue floating to the Stickney Creek access site where the bus meets us, and we eat lunch.
After lunch, we float another couple miles down to the Mid-Cannon Fishing access site located near the Dearborn Inn.
Actual float time is dependant upon river flows, wind speed & direction, and paddling effort of the kids.

Life jackets are mandatory for everyone on the trip at all times except when eating lunch.
Swimming from the rafts is not allowed.

Kids need to dress for conditions, and plan on having wet feet. Sandals are the best choice- regular shoes will be wet for sure. Cowboy boots = bad idea.
Kids should also bring a backpack with a change of clothes to leave on the bus if they need to change at the end of the trip.
Kids provide their own lunch.
No garbage cans available, everything is pack in – pack out.

FWP will provide the rafts, life jackets, & paddles.
Raingear, hat, sunglasses & sunscreen is a good idea.

If the weather is really bad that day, its up to the teachers to cancel- FWP wont cancel due to poor weather
If the river is unsafe for some reason, then FWP will cancel the trip.

Jamie Burton cell 899-9725 or school 736-5167 x 243

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