Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's NEW?

Hey all!

Sixth graders have their first science test tomorrow!!! Good Luck.

Sixth graders will be having a open book social studies test on Monday.

5th graders are planning their first science test next Friday, September 18th.

4th graders will be having their first science test on Wednesday, September 16th.


Friday, September 11: Junior High Football plays in Chinook! Good Luck!
Saturday, September 12: Junior High Volleyball plays in Highwood! Good Luck!
Monday, September 14: All 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders will be participating in a CRAZY MIRRORS Discovery's going to be a blast!! Make sure your children are here to participate. There will not be any opportunity to make it up. Students will have science homework on this night...because we will be very busy experimenting and collecting data that they will have to complete it at home. Students will have until Friday to turn in their lab notebooks completed.

Science Fair information: 5th and 6th Grade students should be looking and thinking about a hypothesis taht they want to discover for science fair. We will be going to the lab for 20 minutes on Wednesday to research and a hard copy is due on September 23rd. This is going to be fun!!

Hope you all are enjoying your school year. I know that I am! I love being your kids teacher!

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