Thursday, February 4, 2010

And the Winners Are......

Wow! What a great Science Fair. The kids did an amazing job!!! I am so proud of each and every one of their efforts! The kids all looked nice and fancy in their dress clothes. The judges were very impressed with each and everyone of them. Unfortunately, the judges had to narrow it down to the top five overall. Students who made it to the second round were................

Brynn Hofland with her project entitled "Sweet and Low." She compared which sugars tasted the best in cookies - Splenda vs Powdered Sugar.

Peyton Vining with her project entitled "Laundry Day." She compared which laundry detergents took stains out the best.

Daniel Olson with his project entitled "Diet Riot." He compared which soda's would sink the furthest in water - Diet Soda's vs Regular Soda's.

Danielle Betts with her project entitled "Clumzzy Vacuumzz." She wanted to see which vacuum sucked up the most dirt.

Felicia Sappington with her project entitled "The Fingerprint Mystery." She studied fingerprints to see if they were hereditary.

Carson Davidson with his project entitled "Pop Fizz." He studied the effects of mentos in a variety of soda pop.

And the top five winners were........................

1st Place: Dan Olson (Diet Riot)

2nd Place: Carson Davidson (Pop Fizz)

3rd Place: Peyton Vining (Laundry Day)

Honorable Mention: Danielle Betts (Clumzzy Vacuumzz)

Honorable Mention: Felicia Sappington (The Fingerprint Mystery)

Congratulations to everyone. City Science Fair is February 20th at the Great Falls Civic Center. the festivities begin at 9:00am. Some of our winners plan on attending so please check them out!!!

Thank you everyone who helped make this day possible. You are all amazing!!!

Thank you, Mrs. Burton

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